Can't find any lab or military bunker

Hey all.
In my actual game i can’t find any lab or mili bunker.
Did the spawnrate of those changed?
Build is from today, but i started the game mid january with the newest experimental…

What mods are you using? One of those might be causing it.

Only the mods that are active when you start a new world.
No NPC needs, no fungi growth, bionic professions

The spawn rates have been drastically reduced since mid 0.E(?) I think, especially with the introduction of new lab variants.

If nothing has changed in the past 2 or so weeks, Lab Spawns can be like the following(per “map region”), that I have seen myself:

  • Maximum of 1 Lab per city (under a house (Science/Old Style Lab) or, for some reason, spawned somewhere considered “outside” a city, despite being inside the city, one of the 4x4 Labs). Not sure if City Size matters or if there’s a minimum size for a city to have a Lab-Basement);
  • 1 Research Facility (Old Style Lab);
  • 1 Science Lab (old Style lab).
  • 1 “Lab” (4x4)
  • Up to 1 Prison (Old-Style Lab);
  • Unknown (many though) numbers of different of the “new” variants (Distorted, 7x4, radiated, etc) labs;
  • at least 1 Trans Coast Logistics;
  • Maximum of 1 Central Lab (can spawn in the middle of a dense forest, or literally in a "F"orest tile in town;
  • up to 5 (more often than not, 2 or 3) “forest tiles” with Ventilation Shafts (these can spawn close to towns, easy to find using the Overmap Filter on Z-Level -1 if you have read a “Handwritten Note”, searching for “vent”);

This is what I can remember from one particular test character I did about 2 or so weeks ago, revealing map and stuff for some testing.

Military Bunkers, I am fairly sure I can find one or two per overmap section on a regular basis - you might just be having bad map-gen luck in that regard. (Bunkers can sometimes spawn in the middle of forests or in locked out areas you can only access by foot, so that’s something to consider!). The only changes I know happened to Military Bunkers were the introduction of living enemies inside them, which the last time I played, were a bit unbalanced due to how many spawned within them.

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Do you know if it is a specific house in the city under which the lab can appear or can it be any house?

It’s a specific type or set of types of house that can house hidden entrances, but nothing you can immediately recognize (that would defeat the purpose of hiding its presence). The reason it cannot be present in all kinds of houses is because that would require a lot of work to add an additional variant to them, so from a player perspective (not (ab)using meta knowledge) it should be possible for it to be located them in any house.

However, the vents and visible labs are more common that the hidden entrances, in my experience, and I’ve never discovered any (I’ve had quests leading me to some, and I think I’ve exited a lab entered from a subway connection through such a basement, but then I know about the lab before I know about the hidden entrance).

Yeah as said above.

I faintly remember way back when, there used to be a specific house that would be able to identify from outside. As in, you could tell by the yard and the pavement leading to the main door and to the back/side door that you were at the right place. The only question you’d have is “will I win the RNG lottery?”, as the basement generation was between “generic basement”, “gym basement”, “auto-doc basement” or “Lab Entrance Basement”.

Although there was a brief period of time when Basement Access Labs stopped being a thing - same with autodoc basements - unsure whether they were disabled by accident or purposely for as long as they were.

Currently I can echo the above user’s statement that it is difficult to tell which house it is that will have the lab, as they do not seem to be “the same layout” anymore? At least not that I noticed, as I stopped paying attention to that, given that labs became pretty much a non-necessity for me.