No more specific place?

Hi Guys,

Since 0.4, i ran 3 games for 2/3 season and i don’t found any research lab /mines / caves / Bee hive / bunker…
on my first day i’m looking for a car then let’s drive on the wild to explore on a large circle around my spawn point. i found a lot of LMOE shelter / city / farm…
Are they disable since the last update or am I unlucky? Are they in specific biome (center of forest…) ?


They’re there, filled with all of the wonderful toys you’d expect.

keep searching my friend

and stay alive

fucking unlucky yeah…
i explore map with cheat (teleport / reveal map) at the 20 square map reveal … no Lab / mine /bee hive etc …
I’m playing with the windows source, any option or else to work with?

Generate a new world. Sometimes you just don’t get what you want.

done ! I 've change some option (static spawn etc … useless for this problem i mean) and i reset the world…
Wonderfull !!! it’s work !!!
It s strange cause i ve already reset the world before my last run…
So, no matter, i ve some toys to find now :slight_smile:

thanks for answer and help, guys!
Cheers and stay alive!

after some try ; labs / mines / bunker… seems to be disable if “classic zombies” option is set on true.