SDL "tiles have no foreground nor background"

From time to time people download the SDL version and then have it not work. Usually they're on windows 7.

In this case, try going into the config/options.txt folder, and changing the setting for the software renderer (it’s a true/false thing). Usually that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, then let us know what’s going on by posting in this board, please.


Here I am.
I’m using cdda-0.C.
The game screen is black, if I change output to tiles=false it’s drawed with text and works properly.
Anything else doesn’t work, no matter which tileset I’m trying or whether software rendering is set or not.
If I press keys when seeing black screen, it may draw strange blue squares and that’s all. I can also invoke an inventory screen, but when I close it, it doesn’t disappear properly but its parts remain erratically on the display.
The main menu and all menu stuff are displayed properly.

On board configuration:

  • Tiny Core Linux
  • Xvesa server
  • SDL; SDL2; SDL2_mixer built manually OK; SDL2_ttf built manually OK; SDL2_image built manually OK; lua-lib is not but, created a softlink>; all other stuff.

What is important: I’m also using dosbox which uses SDL too, and Angband\FAangbband which both have tilesets working fine. I think they are also using SDL.

I would like to play with tilesets. It’s Moria that’s cool in ASCII, but Cataclysm is cooler with tiles. What can I do?

Here are some strings from my debug.log:

13:34:3.504 SDL :
blah blah numbers numbers

src/cata_tiles.cpp:338: tile tr_boobytrap has no (valid) foreground nor background

And there is a huge amount of these strings, telling that the whole throng of tiles have no foreground nor background.

What can I do to get it wroking? Please help.