SDL not redrawing during extended actions (Win7 Experimental b3780)

[tt]Windows 7, Build 3780 SDL, Commit #846944e, Chesthole Tileset[/tt]

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Whenever performing an extended action, the game doesn’t seem to redraw the screen like it does in the Console version. Instead, the game just gives the appearance of having frozen until the action is completed or interrupted by a prompt. This also applies to other activities involving multiple redraw steps such as getting knocked back by a hulk, or driving a vehicle; instead of seeing the character driving or flying ungracefully through the air, it instead just seems to hang for a moment (or several moments), before the car/character teleports to their new location (along with any other relevant changes). Oddly, firing a gun and using explosives seems to work normally.

I saw this. I thought it WAS hanging, because its started crashing when I save the game.