"cut up all you can" causes game to hang

version: 0.C-19289-g886c281
Windows 10

and on

Windows XP on ASUS Eee minilaptop

my work around is to do this option on smaller piles of clothes. but today It happened with a pile of about 25 Filthy clothes

You mean full hang or big slowdown?

it was as far as i can see a full hang. I went on a walk for 20 min with my daughters and the game was still frozen in the same spot. the other time it happened I left it for 2 hours and came back to it being frozen still.

It could be due to something not actually related to cutting itself.
When cutting finishes, the last long action that can be resumed is resumed. This can cause some weird action like “move all items” to get resumed.
Next time this happens, press ‘.’ - this should ask if you want to stop current action.