SCT (scrollable combat text) should not use map_typeface font

Now scrollable combat text uses map typeface font settings.
It seems ok but there is one problem.
All fonts contains necessary ASCII symbols. But not all of them have, for example, cyrrilic symbols.

Game allow you to select separate fonts for default text (right panel and menus) and for game map . It is very useful because you can select font that contains your local language symbols for right panel and menus(typeface) and separate square ASCII only font for map (map_typeface).

But SCT for some reason uses map_typeface font but not typeface. So you need to use font that contins your language symbols for map to see SCT messages. That is strange decision.

Maybe it will be a lot easier for non-english talking players to have separate settings for SCT font or draw SCT using typeface font.

We’ve seen this as a Git issue but the cause of the problem wasn’t clear. Your post clears it up: thanks.