Any place to find a screwdriver? I had a set but lost them somehow.

houses are common. With a touch of crafting they can be made (single not driver, but still good enough stats for most things) just need duct tape and scrap metal. Prob be a waste to not just find it in a house, or hardware store, or basically anywhere.

Been to 5 houses already. Nothing. Where are they supposed to be? Do I need to smash or search a particular item?

It is just luck, rng can be rally mean. Just keep searching. If house give no luck, search for other types of buildings.

no. Just get lucky. Keep on the lookout for basements that aren’t infested with things that want to kill you, and infested basements if your up for them. Garages and houses in general are good, any kind of electronics store, or hardware store, public works probably guaranteed, any type of handyman sheds like I think radio towers and the like have. Keep an eye out for any tool that might have the stat you need.

If you think it might have disappeared in a stack around your base do an item search with… (v) I think. might also be in your inv and you overlooked it 20 times. Sometimes it helps if you change the item organization sorting to be something where you have a better idea where to look.

Screwdrivers are always around and can be found everywhere, like all other people have said.
Keep looting everything you can and you will find more screwdrivers that you know what to do with pretty soon.
If its critical to get one now, try to see if you can craft one somehow.

That reminds me that we can craft any tool from a toolbox except for the screwdriver set. Is there a reason for that?


the set s too percise a kit to create outside a factory.

you can craft a screwdricer though. as in a phillips crosspoint or flathead

You can make a screwdriver of your own with a little fabrication skills, and you can find massive amounts of screwdriver sets spawning in electronic shops.