Something weird with my world?

Hey all, first post and all so I’ll try not to muck it up too much, and hope it’s in the correct section.

Well the problem I have with my world is finding things, I don’t know if this is normal, I’m just lucky/unlucky but the main thing is I swear I find way too much food/meds but no weapons. I just search a few houses and I already have like 100+ Asprin, tons of Vitamins, cold meds, band-aids, first aids, water, and food, enough to last for days. But I never find any weaons or tools. If I ever find a gun there is never any ammo… anywhere, on bodies, gun stores, hardware stores, nothing. And tools it takes me forever to find like… a hammer, I always have to make a stone one. While not a huge issue since I usually fun a fast little weak person who is good at running though houses and over fences it always strikes me as weird that I never find any weapons.

Note I always just make a nail board at the beginning, then it’s the only weapons I have for like… rest of game. best I made was a nail bat.

So is this normal or just my world???

Hey Dead. It’s just a question of where you’re searching.

Take a moment to think about it: What could you turn into a weapon that’s lying around your house right now? Not much right? oh, I’m sure there’s maybe a decent pan or a tool or something. Not much though.

Houses are low-priority search areas unless you’re actually looking for food, medicine or clothes. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find pots or frying pans, not to mention the random stuff like cigarettes and the like. Houses on the outskirts tend to make nice hideouts though.

For weapons I generally craft a crowbar in the evac shelter. It’s not the best weapon but you can pry doors open with it so you don’t cause much noise-- and to be honest I’ve never needed another weapon. Rock + Smash locker = Pipe. Mechanics 1 + Rock + Pipe = Crowbar.

Once you’re past the first day and your skills are up, case out a gunstore, hardware store, electronics stores etc… Hell, even alcohol stores are good, but not as necessary now as in the current version it’s a lot easier to find vodka and the like in houses.

+Military Surplus+ //Clothes, some books, usually a helmet, backpack or rucksack and some tools.
+Gunstore+ // Guns. most of the time they won’t stock ammo for most of the guns in store.
+Sports Supply store+ //baseball bats are nice. Also stocks backpacks and a lot of very useful survival tools. Also they usually have a pair of binocs.

First of all here are some objectives, but note you aren’t expected to find everything in just one store.


[ol][li]A decent gun with compatible ammo.[/li]
[li]Marlin 39A or a Ruger 10/22[/li]
[li]any automatic pistol. Glock19, USP9mm or USP.45 and ammo are good.[/li][/ol]

Sports store

[li]Assorted clothes and backpacks[/li]
[li]baseball bat. a nailbat is one of the best weapons early on.[/li][/ol]


Depends how you play too. I mean I’ve had characters that have just raided libraries, grabbed some food and tools and retreated from the world-- only to come back later with a homemade coilgun to slaughter the local undead wildlife.

So if you can, hit up a library too.


That could be it, I mainly raid houses, a gas station or two, I never really find Mil. or Gun stores, They are few and far between, if even at the starting town :confused: When I do I normally get a backpack or two, army helmet, utility vest, etc for carring goodies with me. As for gun stores there’s only been one I found stalked, like 4+ Shotguns, couple pistols, and it had some good ammo, about 40 for an smg, 25 for shotgun, that’s about it though, all other gun stores are like drained, a couple of pistols, no ammo… maybe I should rest my world? I honestly don’t like guns a whole lot, I find bashing with a bat or archery is pretty fun, plus near unlimited bow ammo is pretty nifty…

i try to hit up sporting good stores but they are always like, in the middle of town surrounded by parks, so if I try to get close insta-horde following me, so I don’t have much time to scearch well, just go in, look around, grab a backpack and bat them high-tail it outta there.

And I didn’t know crowbars could open doors… I always just bash open windows and doors… I may have to look into that.

As for libraries, i’ve never been in one, I never took like readin/skill learning perks, mostly speed and construction and health. Just how good aare libraries and reading?

Skill books are incredibly useful. Basically a stress/threat free way to level a lot of skills. My most successful character literally hoarded all the books he could find in his shelter and read and crafted while taking periodic breaks for food and water, and when he emerged he was a beast. The few points in survival, tailoring, and cooking really make a difference in the early game.

How good? They’re practically arms depots, considering what you can learn from em. =P

If you’re really having that much trouble, as vache says: go raid a library. Get a book on electronics (what is a transistor?) and then at the rear, grab a copy of ‘advanced electronics’ as well. Grab a few others too. Trust me you don’t even need the perks.

Read two books up, then by tomorrow you’ll know how to make a coilgun. disassemble electronics such as flashlights and radios etc (you’ll need a welder with batteries and maybe a screwdriver or wrench too) and make one. They fire nails like a suped-up nailgun. If you ever need more nails just burn down a house :stuck_out_tongue:

ofc you’ll need batteries to power it, which can also be made with tin/aluminium cans, ammonia (jugs of ammonia are pretty common) and scrap metal (smash metal lockers.)

That sounds really good! I’ll try that tonight after work… just get me some learning skills and try making some things… very interesting idea there. Built some weapons, maybe invent some weird things…

Obviously I’m still new to the game even though I play it all the time, just last night I found out that I can cook meat and make new clothes when choosing those perks… I feel like if this game were real life i’d be dead within a day -_-’

If you really need a ranged weapon then go with a longbow. It needs archery 2 and survival but there will be plenty of ammo around. A bookstand will give you around 16 nails but enough wood for 60-80 arrows. Find Archery for Kids book and/or disarm a crossbow trap (dark green ^). Make crossbow bolts and practice on rabbits/squirrels until you get to archery 2. Best thing about it? It’s a silent weapon. Oh, and most of the time you can pick up the used arrows too.

A book could be written literally on all the possible start scenario’s in cataclysm.

few VERY important things to survive:

[ul][li]Backpack (duh)[/li]
[li]pot (for cleaning water)[/li]
[li]Jug of some kind (x2 preferred)[/li]
[li]sewing kit (get TONS of thread!!!)[/li]
[li]spare cloths (sheets if you have the space) for training tailoring[/li][/ul]

basically, once these things have been retrieved I find a secluded spot and start hunting wildlife. fill up one of my jugs (or both if I have plenty of bottles) and make a fire outside to purify the water with the pot. by now i’ve killed a few druids/rabbits/misc wildlife and have a bit of meat to cook as well.

I sit down afterwards and begin working on the EXTRA clothing until I stop tearing it up, then repair my own if needed. maybe make some new clothes, reinforce it and then head back to town for more supplies/gear as needed!