Where are things most likely to spawn? Looking for wrench

That might be nice for the wiki as well maybe.

I play with low item spawn and only now I don’t find a wrench anywhere. They spawn mostly in Garages, Hardware stores and Gas Stations am I right? (I’m not worried about if it drops randomly from a zombie or in a car)

Is there a table for which item is most likely to spawn in which map tile? Hope that’s not buried in the code of each item…

Best to ask this kind of thing in the Tips & Tricks thread next time.
Anyway, Yeah, mostly garages and hardware stores. Alternatively some zombies drop them, but zeds have quite a large pool of loot drops so you’d have to get lucky there. Some houses might just have them lying around.

Other places to try:

[ul][li]House basements – basement labs and armories sometimes have them.[/li]
[li] Some of the new houses have garden sheds with tools / lawnmowers[/li]
[li] some more new houses have garages, but even on normal spawn they’re usually pretty empty.[/li]
[li]Science labs – check the storage rooms with all the crates.[/li]
[li] Mines and Sewage Treatment plants. [/li]
[li] Power Substations maybe? I can’t remember finding any tools in them but Technician zombies might drop them with some luck.[/li][/ul]

The various wikis don’t tend to be updated that often so it’s probably best just to open the depo on GitHub and start looking through the code, see if it’s assigned to any item groups or check out the various building/locations and check the spawn rates.

If all else fails I think CBM Integrated toolset gets a wrench as well-- so again hit Science labs, the new-type Electronics stores and Mines-- or butcher Shockers and Tech zombies with a prayer.

TL;DR your best bet is to hit up every garage and hardware store you find.

Thanks for the quick info.
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For me all that’s not code related is kinda in Game play :stuck_out_tongue: in my previous way of looking at it at least.

So that fellow with go even deeper into town (and perhaps hit the other end) as the half dozen garages hardware stores etc no luck…

What item spawn rate have you been using by the way? I’m thinking of lowering it but don’t want to go overboard.

Try a public works department. They usually have all sorts of useful tools.

boomers like to drop tools and in hospital you find a lot of boomers and with eye protection its nearly risk free just get distance from spitters