Scorching face

Hi all,

I have a problem, my char has a Scorching face!!! desease. I removed all clothing but still it does not change. Being indoors or underground doesn’t change it either. Getting wet doesn’t helpeither.
Geiger Counter says radiation lvl is 0, but I took some iodine tablets just in case.
It’s summer right now ambient temp is around 30°C.

Any Idea whats causing it?

BTW: My char is in constant 30 pain. Is it caused by the Scorching face!!! desease?

EDIT: I’m using the 0.8 stable btw.

EDIT: Autumn now. Ambient temp 21°C. Still no change. Could this be a bug?

The pain sounds like it’s from the scorching face, but I don’t know how to reproduce this so I can’t investigate it.
Any details about what you were doing before it started?
Anyone else run into this?

I entered a cave and defeateted a Rat King. I got some Mutations there. At first I thought one of the Mutations caused it. But it didn’t go away after purging them with purifier. The mutations I got where “Rough Skin”, “Fast Metabolism”, “Growling Voice”, “High Night Vision”, “Long Fingernails”, “Stubby Tail”.

I hope this helps.
I copied the save folder some hours ingame after I discovered the pain and the desease was not going away. Maybe looking into the folder might help you figure the problem out?

Maybe the char was radiated but it isn’t going away correctly? Although the radiation lvl is 0.

I’m starting to live with it and get over the pain with poppy painkillers, because no Pharmacy in my town has heavy drugs… :frowning: I hope he doesn’t get addicted to badly.

Taking a look around in the code (from work), it doesn’t look like it’s an oversight with "break;"s in disease.cpp. I am surprised not more people are encountering this bug.

@Gladius: in the @ menu, what color is the last brackets for mouth, under the ENCUMBERANCE submenu? Also, is your temperature something like “Very hot (Falling!!)”? The disease is directly related to the heat of your face (body part mouth), so it maybe so high that it is taking a long time to fall…?
Also, if you’re done with your character, you can try and adding CBM: Thermal Dissipator or something, that should regulate the temperature of your character, including your face/mouth.

@Kevin: I know a lot of stuff was done with saving/loading recently, do you think that mouth temperature doesn’t get saved/loaded correctly?

Right now its autumn day 12. It starts to get really cold at night (7-12°C). But right now the mouth warmth is green (32 gas mask). At daytime the bodytemperature is usually comfortable, at night it starts to drop to chilly.
The desease appeared in summer when it was about 32°C. The bodytemp was warm then. I had mouth warmth 20 I think from a filter mask.

I have the CBM: Internal Climate Control but it doesn’t help with the problem. I’m not done with my Char. It’s a challenge!