Scent Sensitivity 0

I seem to have accidentally hit the - key and set it to 0. That immediately segfaulted, core dumped and kicked me out of Cataclysm. Whups.

Upon reloading the save, it immediately kicks me back out again. Is there anything I can do to reset it, or have I just ruined my save? What is the default value I should be resetting it to, if I CAN reset it?

A different save starts up properly, if that matters.

Can’t say I’ve done that before so I can’t help. Maybe somebody else’ll know something.

But I might know why it happened. I [U]think[/U] smell sensitivity is how may points the smell loses for each space. Sensitivity 1 = -1 point per space, sensitivity 2 = -2 points per space, exc. Thus sensitivity 0 never loses it’s strength and travels forever. the computer on the other hand does not know this so it tries to load every square everywhere to see how far your smell reaches. Or at least that is my guess.

This is an old dividing by zero error that’s been in since some of the first versions. It’s never been fixed since it’s a debug command and unbound by default.