Old cataclysm .. Current version : negatives in View Scentmap

3 years have passed since that bug appeared.
-1 causes crashing.
less numbers will cause very strange results.

I had no idea said bug existed, and checking github there’s nothing there either (which would explain why it hasn’t been fixed). I’ve gone ahead and created an issue, so it hopefully shouldn’t take too long to get it fixed.

And first i was…

But then…

I edited OP-post, since i wrote about this bug too fast and thus invalid info. More accurate explanation in there now.

Sensitivity at -1 means that there is no sensitivity at all.

I am not very knowledgeable in computers but I think it would be something more akin to being asked your age and stating that you are “orange” years old.

Specifically what is happening is that the game uses the sensitivity number to scale down the scent numbers by dividing them, obviously with a minimum of 1, because if you divide by zero… what, you can put in a negative number? <_<

Fun fact: game CAN use 0 as dividor in this action without crashes.

i too remembered this from before 0.5. its fixed now and i gave it a nicer prompt too.