Scared Zombies?

So I had an idea for a new feral. One that would run away from you like bolters in “Dying light” they could have some kind of reward like pustules filled with blob antibodies that could be turned into gas that could be used like fungicide for zombies. I think it would fit with lore, It may not but I think it could due to the blob trying to get the antibodies away from it self because in the lore pages the player is supposed to have a small amount of it inside them which causes them to have the increased healing and cognitive effects such as rushing at a horde of zombies with a stick (Lore explanation for players being stupid). I do not know how hard it would be to add these thing because I am not a programmer. Thanks for reading my dumb idea!

Edit: I am working on making it but am having trouble may finish it may not json editing is hard!

Edit 2: I can not figure it out I will keep trying but is there any guide to editing json for cdda?

I don’t know about the reward, but a feral that can run away and do something would be cool.

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I was thinking about something a player could try to hunt down for a reason. ferals that run away would be cool, but the reward would also be cool. Zombies currently do not have much of a reason to kill them. you can find better loot at a junkyard or in houses. So I was just thinking of a way for zombies to be something other than obstacles.

Let them have a exotic netherium material inside them that can only be obtained by dissecting them. These can be consumed similarly to pills and give you a effect similar to what shady zombies have for 1-5 minutes to make you functionally invisible in darkness unless something is right next to you. Do make these zombies only appear in the late game and make them very/extremely rare.

Edit: Also give them the shady effect so you can only catch them during the day and forces you to deal with the other zombies in some way.

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Nice idea! The shady effect could be very useful at night

28 Days Later comes to mind for a better reference…minus the idiotic “infected with rage” nonsense. Cool zombie stuff apart from that element. I grumble every time I think of that flik. I really want it to be good and I have to skip the beginning because…rage? Seriously? A friggin emotion is not a disease! :man_facepalming:t2: :monkey:

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They could be named Anthropophobes (Someone Who Fears People).

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The idea of dissecting them for exotic matter doesn’t fit with much of anything lore-wise (although interestingly, matches almost exactly on some of the stuff I want to do with exotic matter soon, other than where you get it). Zombies and related enemies providing magical resources is the sort of thing we’re trying to move away from, not lean into. Other than that, the concept is fine. I’d suggest that the reason you want to hunt them down as they flee should be that they make a ton of noise and recruit other zombies to come fight you.

In a more complex scenario, though, perhaps they could interact with another rare psycho/mutant type, something like a little sister-big brother scenario. The Craven Feral could run off and activate a passive “gentle giant”, sending it against you for Great Suffering and Tragedy to ensue.


We could replace it with a blob-related nether creature that acts as a conduit of sorts for the blob to send energy through. Similar to how the blob send the lieutenants to support the invasion but with these guys not being mend for a leadership role but for a support role.

-screaming shadow:

“It looks like a shadowy cloud without any shape except a number of tentacles that seem to materialize and dissipate at random on which it stands. When you get close to it you hear and unearthly scream and it runs away”

It should have the ability to see through obstacles and darkness (similar to clairvoyance) The scream should not come from its location but form yours. It should daze you and give you the disturbing scream morale modifier. Optionally it should also give a boost to the zombies it’s near something like combat bonuses, slight regen or a speed boost whatever you want for game balance and to represent the zombies being close to extra energy.

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Not sure I can say that 5 times fast aloud though :upside_down_face:

How about:

  • Rage Ferral (black blob goo oozing out of their eyes, ears, mouth and nose)
  • Rage Monkey? (actual homicidal chimps? Rare creature in animal testing labs)
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That is a much better idea!