Sawdust byproduct from cutting trees

An interesting idea for a byproduct of cutting down trees would be sawdust. After all, waste not want not, especially with such valuable resources as trees.
With sawdust you could turn it into meals that would fill calorie requirements or act as filler for some meals (bread, soup, etc) but come with harsh health drawbacks, especially after long term use.
Another use for sawdust could be use as tinder or crude stuffing for pillows and other bedding materials.

Sawdust isn’t digestible.

Other than that, yeah, sawdust would be pretty good as an addition. Probably we’d want better handling of dust in the game first.

that’s why there would be significant health debuffs
but is and has been used in filler for food. ever heard of Kommissbrot? beats starving at least and its good to always have options, especially if you’re more of a scavenger/nomad type, than a farmer/

I’m aware it is and has been used as a fibre filler before. It isn’t digestible, therefore jt has no calories and is fairly useless when you’re starving except to reduce your sensation of hunger for a while.

It could be used as an alternative to bonemeal in wastebread.

Sawdust would be handy if we had some way to compress them into plywood or those long burning firelogs. If farming gets more love it could definitely be used as mulch as well.

For how CDDA operates though using it as a filler is basically pointless. As Erk points out you can’t digest it, and food already moves through your stomach pretty fast in game so it would fill you up for a minute or so, but that’s not really helpful either.

For people that don’t like to see any hunger status they could fill themselves with sawdust
Alternativly we could add a mutation that allow digestion of cellulose
And/or some recipe that use sawdust, (maybe TNT??)

while airborne dust is highly explosive when exposed to fire/electricity, it isn’t enough to probably function as tnt.
just strong enough to kill everybody in the room

" Trinitrotoluene is a chemical compound commonly known as TNT . TNT is commonly confused with dynamite, however, dynamite is actually a mixture of nitroglycerin and an absorbent agent such as sawdust" From here. So I meant dynamite apparently.

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