Saving cells as prefabs(I custom built a multi-tile base in game and am looking to add it to buildings/specials list)

Like the headline says I’ve custom build a complex that spans multiple cells in an older experimental and want to be able to call it to place it as a special from the over map debug menu into a newer version to keep working on it. I did look around and download some texts on prefab building but didn’t come across a direct explanation to do what I wish to do

EDIT: I misread your post, but I still don’t understand what you’re trying to do. You want to place it from the debug menu, then update the game, then have it still exist?

I think you’re worried that updating will overwrite the work you’ve done? Which is true, if you worked with the core game files. I would recommend creating things as a mod – in a mod folder in your mod directory. They persist even when you update.

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Dagnabit, I knew I explained it badly, lol. I made a custom multicell complex

How would I move all this into another savegame in a newer version?

Oh, you mean you literally built it within the game. Sorry, that I don’t know.

How do I make this a mod?

Dang, haha. Probably have to manually remake them for mod files then? You’ve made prefbs haven’t you? I know at least you’ve made some good stuff for CDDA. And thanks for looking over my post :slight_smile:

Well, I’m just not sure what you’ve done. If you created the place in the json files, migrating them to a mod is not difficult. If you took the time to wander around in-game and build it, I haven’t the slightest. You would probably have to rebuild it in json.

It’s also worth pointing out that your location takes up an ENORMOUS amount of space, and would be, as far as I’m aware, the largest location in Cataclysm. This would most likely lead to it never actually spawning in game, because it would require such a large area. Not to mention the fact that you’d have to stitch together . . . oh, quick math . . . like 150 tiles?

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That does confirm what I’ve been able to gather, explains why I couldn’t find an A-D explanation to what I’m doing.
Yeah…I used the debug to place all locations and then went tile to tile within game customizing them. Over half done. Includes an underground city on level 4. So closer to 300 tiles… :confused:

Oh my…I choose the hardest, most time consuming way to do this without even realizing it didn’t I? I’ve spent about 5 days a week for a little over a month on this.

Underground level

I mean, it certainly speaks to patience. I bailed on my 6x6 college mapgen after about two weeks. That said, going with what you know is understandable.

If you’re really interested in making locations, I’d encourage you to dive into the json files. It’s not really coding, and people always say ‘bah, I can’t learn that’, but it’s actually very easy.

Mark put together:

And if I ever have time for editing, I’ll be posting a let’s mod series on Youtube sometime in the next month or so where I’ll cover a lot of the basics in as plain of english as I can manage.

I would, however, discourage you from making locations that are 300+ tiles. x_x

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Thank you for the compliment, haha. I’m not sure how I did it, like being on autopilot.
That is what I did, I took a bit of a(pre-76) Bethseda mindset, and used what I knew so I could concentrate on ideas. And have to deal with the same results, lol.
Thanks :smiley: I’ll take a look at that and let me know when you get that series started, I’ll for sure watch it.
Any chance I could pm you a demo vid of how I went about this? No is as well accepted as yes. Like 4-5 min long
They are on multiple levels if that helps, haha. I’ll see about slimming down the area where I can.
Thanks for the input, does honestly help. Still a neophyte in programming and a beginner in the CDDA modding scene

Ah, not to be rude, but nah. o_o I’m good.

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Lol, all good, what was rude in saying that? :+1: Like I said, No is just fine. No need to feel akward my digital acquaintance
Appreciate your time and advice :+1:

Unfortunately, the format used to save an existing overmap tile and the format to generate an overmap tile are completely different. As far as I know, there is no utility to take a save map and spit out the mapgen object. It might be possible to write one, but it would be tricky and no one has to my knowledge.

Sadly, your best option at this time is to recreate the mapgen by hand from looking at your existing maps. Or learn enough Python or other scripting language to write a converter.

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Thanks very much for the insight. I’m looking at the by hand option for now. Probably, and so far working on, going to diviy up a few sections into their own locations as I work on the the project on a whole. I’m also going considering the idea of a converter, didn’t even think of that.
Either way I’ll bury some good time into this and learn a thing or two. :slight_smile:

If you have the patience to do all that in game, you really should join us in contributing maps. JSON mapping is very easy and one of the most rewarding ways to contribute.

Have you seen the guide to new contributors?


I have video evidence of my patience, haha.
I downloaded and skimmed over it when I was looking for answers round a week ago. If I remember right I can make maps even in notepad right?
I’d love to make some contributions. I do have a cell schematic for a nuclear lab like the ones found in Lodi, CA(Well not a real life representation but close-ish) and such I could contribute.