Creating new Overmap spots

Is it possible to create a new overmap location within the json files? For example, with a mod I’m making, I want to create a special type of anthill, but can’t work out how. I’m not actually changing anything about the anthill, just want to make it so the overmap can create a variant of an Anthill that simply fills it with a new type of Ants I made. Error I’m getting is " overmap id ‘X_Anthill’ does not exist."

The spot in json i can find anthill referenced is in the specials.json, under overmap. If is possible to do with just editing json files, how would I go about making an Anthill filled with my new enemies?

Following docs should help you to get basic idea on creating new locations - read them, try to make new location for your mod and then ask if there are any questions left:

Anthills are hardcoded locations, but you can probably change a few things about them too.

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Hmm, so I could create a new location, but then my issue would be how would I make it so the new anthill has a tunnel network to it? I can create the various chambers & tunnels , but how does one make them all connect & be random like the Anthills in game?

I wish I could just make it so the game just automatically upgrades 1 or 2 existing anthills in the game to ones that swap the ant species to the new ones I made.

Ant tunnels are hardcoded in Look for mapgen_ants_ functions.