Save sharing resulting in evil metal world

So a friend and I got the idea into our heads that we should share a world file, playing for an in game week and then sending the file back. However we’ve encountered some problems.

I usually gen the world and setup our characters, and everything is normal and fine. And when I send the file to him everything works perfectly.

However, when I get the file back the world is corrupted and all the ground has been replaced with various metals and large gaping pits.

We’re both running 0.A. I’m running the Windows and he’s playing a Linux version. I’m guessing the linux version might be changing the files slightly resulting in the metal world. But the odd thing is that if I return the un-zipped file to him, he also get the corrupted world.

If anyone knows a way around this I would be most grateful.

The only way around it would probably be to get your friend a windows computer.

Would WINE work?

Both of you using the windows build would probably do it, though I’ve gotten some reports that wine is uncooperative.
Let me know how it goes.

Why’s it incompatible? Shouldn’t be a byte order issue… wait, are we opening the file in non-binary(aka do-whatever-you-want-line endings) mode? That should be an easy fix…

Well he gave WINE a try using the current Windows build, and apparently he had some problems. I’ll see if I can get him to post a screenshot…

You should host the file and post a link to it.

Gotta see this.

Alright the error message that comes up on his end reads:

Runtime error!

abnormal program termination

Press OK to exit the program, or Cancel to start the Wine debbuger

I’ll look into uploading the world file, for those interested, it is a very strange sight.

Here’s the world file for those interested:

[URL= Da]The Da[/URL]

Um, is he running it from a .zip? The folder name seems like it.

…that sounds metal as fuck

Not getting an evil metalworld with that save.

The Lawrence craft person looks normal.
The Cannon save gives me evil metal world.

The cannon save has “dahlia” flowers
is your save game a mod?

[quote=“terroroid, post:14, topic:5497”]The cannon save has “dahlia” flowers
is your save game a mod?[/quote]

The only mod is from the medieval weapons mod that the current version comes with.

No, we put the save file in a .zip for when we send the file to eachother. If I don’t my computer seems to have issues with attaching it.