0.9.RC1-115-g670c9e1 crash upon reloading saved game/world

Starting up a new world works fine, as does creating a new character. If I save the character’s game, quit, and then attempt to resume playing, I get the following failure:

I have a folder in the save folder titled WOOT as the worldname, but I have no idea what files I need to upload from that. I think I might have what’s needed? A suggestion of someplace to host files for others to download would be appreciated too.

I had this issue as well. Just zip or rar up the whole folder and upload it to google drive if you have an account. then you can just share the link so devs can dl the whole rar/zip.

My god I’m an idiot I tried to play a new game this morning and deleted the world. Wait. You know what? I’ll just recreate the bug. When I hit spacebar the program auto-closes.

It’s the SDL experimental, I forgot to mention that. I also use 64 bit Windows 7 if that’s relevant. [size=7pt]I have UAC set to the lowest settings so it doesn’t prompt me with security bullshit whenever I try to take a piss, and my account is an administrator. So it’s closing automatically for reasons besides trying to keep me from tinkering.[/size]

AHA! Good suggestion. I already have Google Drive.

Here you go, the Save folder in zip form.

Lemme know if I’ve botched the settings preventing downloads or anything.

Same build.

Might be time to clean out the factions code or whatever?
(I can still load my saves but that just seems needlessly wonky.)