Overworld map glitch?

Hello, total noob to the forums and the game but not altogether new to rogue-likes. I started my first game and was getting along pretty well for the first ingame 4 days or so. I then save and quit and when I loaded the game back up, everything was loaded fine except my overworld map. It was a completely different map than the one I was playing on(the overworld map only, the actual map was the same). Any help would be appreciated. I just downloaded it today, so the version is the stable windows version that is linked on the home page atm this was created. I am running it on windows 7 64bit if that matters and have Coleen’s tileset running. I started the game disabling all mods so I would get a “vanilla” experience(besides the tileset of course).

Hmmm, do you have write access to the cataclysm folder? If it couldn’t properly save the world it might have regenerated it. Also stupid question, but are you sure you loaded up your old game as opposed to doing “Play now” or loading up some other save file? The game supports multiple saves simultaneously, so its possible you loaded up a different one or started a new one in a different place on the same world.

Yeah, I have access and the only save file besides the tutorial one was the one I loaded. I just started a new game and deleted that one. I have tried to recreate what happened before, but everything seems to be working as intended now. I’ve played three more fresh starts, saving multiple times, and just never had the problem pop up again. I will keep testing for science, well that and I love this game so far and want to see it do well. I did try to link the save file itself in the op (in spoilers) but too many lines for the post, so the save file was there.