.sav file getting huge

doing some save scumming to test out the mutation system. In a large vat room in a science lab. Not moving.

my .sav file has been growing alot as I add more mutations.

Went from 412 kb, 1195, kb, 6000 kb, 201,000 kb.

How does the save mechanism work? I have not moved? Are there some kinds of massive calculations that need to be d umped to file with mutations? EAch save file is 1 more mutation.

for example. The 412 kb file is 62 lines and the 6000 kb file is 68 lines

There are vastly more numbers on lines 4-15

What is being dumped to the save file?

went back to an earlier save game. did not do anything. Was already in vats. i picked up dextrous earlier from a bottle of mutagen and i picked up high night vision.

if i dont do anything and save. the file grows in size. It seems to grow by the same amount no matter what.

.sav file i started with was 58 bytes. 2 saves later it is at 140 kbs. this is the same growth i get even after save scumming by adding mutagens.

so dont know if the mutatoins are causing it or something else. Debug is not on. I am depressed, thirsty, hungry.

but after about 10 saves, i get to 201 mb save file and the game cant load. Something is causing the save game mechanism to go through a larger and larger loop to dump data.

my morale was -350 with all the dead parts I ate. I let that go back up and the save file dropped. this does seem to be a bug, but probably not a huge one since there is a work around and it wont be that frequent.

if your not save scumming it can happen if you hit lab and bring purifier and chow on lots of body parts. let your morale come back close to 0 before saving.

That sounds really weird, I’ll take a look at it.