How big is your savegame folder?

I keep wondering how far along people play the game before they either die or get bored. Feel free to describe your choices and playstyle, anything that you think might affect your savegame folder size.

  • Do you keep multiple worlds, and have multiple characters in each one?
  • Do you create a new world every time a character dies?
  • Do you stick with one world and play multiple characters on it?
  • Do you avoid traveling far and wide in order to keep the savegame size in check, possibly because you try to play the game gently/reasonably in hopes to avoid technical problems, or because you dislike long load times, or long compression times because you make zip/rar backups of your savegames? Any of those?
  • Do you employ any measures (in-game methods or downright hacks) in attempt to keep the savegame folder size, or file count, smaller?

my save folder is over 5 gb, i use ntfs compresion of files to keep this smaller (it reduce size, alot) i keep my most succesfull characters (with worlds) what i am bored off in outside of save folder, one of my characters had 10000000+ bionic power BEFORE power changed that power storage give 250 not 10 power, skyrocketed spawns in labs give a lot of power storage from all those sciencists and bio ops (but had no death mobbile, his vehicle was foot crank powered van)

basicaly is my only succesfull character, all others what did that good or even better died to stupid ways, like one of my characters jumped out of seat in his vehicle and one of internal walls bashed him to death when he was lying stunned on internal floor (because fuck logic) and save scumming didnt helped much
after update anyway my second character on that world found that vehicle and base but getting car into reality bubble=instant crash (only able to use debug teleport to move around it) so i deleted this world

mostly i create new world after character die but sometimes i do not do it

i explore but not too much, i loot everything
i explore after i make good vehicle with basic crafting and cargo space to find places like refugee centers and labs

Holy shit. I look up to you.

I run windows experimental on my mac via Wineskin. I can go in and look at/mess with my save files like everyone else with minimal extra work.
Cata runs like an app for me, and I recently just erased the whole thing and started over with new experimental and the total of the entire thing is:

585.7 MB with a minimal map 2-3 dead characters that didn’t go very far and a living one on one world.

my actual save file though is: 13.4

Oh whew I can change my vote, Changed it to save file size instead of total game size w/ wineskin big difference XD