My game get lag when my size of my saved file get higher

Im using the cdda launcher,this time my saved file size is 406MB. Is that common if the size of the saved file increase,the game getting laggier? When the saved file around 100-200 its very smooth even in the middle of city.

I haven’t noticed the game getting especially laggier as my overall world size gets larger - BUT, the game definitely slows down when:

  1. You have a lot of items in your reality bubble, such as a vehicle or base loaded with thousands of items of loot.

  2. You have a lot of active creatures/environment effects in your reality bubble, such as a large fire or fungus patch, or you are parked on top of a multi-level underground lab with tons of creatures roaming around down there.

The worst case is generally to have a base or heavily loaded vehicle parked over a very active underground site like a lab.

In my experience the game does slow down with age, but not so much because of the world size, but because I inevitably gather more CRAP in my APC - which does increase the save size - and because the Zed hordes in my active area just tend to be bigger on average.

I haven’t noticed a major slowdown from overall world size which does factor heavily into save sizes, though I think there may technically be a little bit of extra processing for revealed world areas? Never been quite sure about that. I think if you just took a starting character with little gear, hopped into a car and zoomed around revealing huge amounts of territory your save size would increase very rapidly, but you’d probably see little or no impact on performance because you wouldn’t be loot hording or parking in very busy areas.