Sandwiches - adjustment "needed"

plain jam sandwiches provide more nutrition, more enjoyability, and require fewer ingredients to produce as compared to PB&J sandwiches.
Seems a bit odd.
Both sandwiches (realistically) should have their nutrition values lowered.

PB&J sandwiches have more servings, you need to multiply nutrition x servings to get real value.

No they don’t.

Yep, 1 charge apiece. PB&J takes more stuff to craft, but gives less nutrition, less enjoyability, spoils slightly faster, but oddly gives more quench even though you’d think it’d be drier than a straight jam sandwich.

I’d say maybe flip the enjoyability and quench around, then maybe give the PB&J two charges to reflect that it’s more filling? Possibly reducing nutrition for each half of the sandwich a bit, because 90 for the whole thing seems maybe a bit high. But peanut butter is hard to come by.

Surely some kind of conspiracy against peanut butter…!

There are plenty of foods that aren’t just worth the time. Also combining foods shouldn’t detract from nutrition. :’(

Generally it doesn’t lose nutrition when combining foods, you have to look at the portions and do a little math, but most recipes maintain roughly the same amount of nutrition and vitamins as their component parts. It’s just usually split between portions. There are a few exceptions – condensed milk has no calcium, for instance, and bologna has no vitamins at all. They vanish when you craft the meat into bologna, and reappear when you turn the bologna into a meat sandwich.
(I’ve been doing an innawoods character lately, and so I’ve been forced to get intimately acquainted with the game’s vitamin system. Getting calcium in the wild is super hard! Fresh rhubarb is great for that, BTW.)

I think we could add some breakdown of this kind of thing to the stats dumped to keep people from having to do all that nasty math.