Combining foodstuffs neesd rebalancing

Disclaimer: I am not a native english speaker, thus the language will be raped. My apologies.

Hey, I hope this is the right place to post it. Ive been playing the game again recently and I must say it has been good times. Maybe ive gotten it wrong, but there is one thing that has caught my eye and thats the math behind combining foods - ie. making sandwiches and such.

For example:

Fresh Bread - Nutrition: 20 Quench: 0 Enjoyability: 1
Piece of Bacon - Nutrition: 31 Quench: -2 Enjoyabiliy: 5

Behold the Meat Sandwich (2x Fresh Bread + 2x Piece of Bacon) - Nutrition: 30 Quench: 0 Enjoyability: 2 Portions: 3 Time to Complete: 3 minutes

Lets do some math: 20 + 20 + 31 + 31 = 102, while 3 * 30 = 90, wat. First of all, where did 12 Nutrition go? We know from chemistry that usually things do not disappear when combined ie. you put 2x 100ml into a flask and it becomes 200ml. Second of all why would I spend 3 minutes to produce an inferior result - aside from -4 Quench the Nutrition and Enjoyability is greater when said things are eaten alone.

The idea of combining food should reflect in higher Enjoyability and value, while reducing negative properties. In real life eating a bun is pretty dry experience, when you add a juicy slab of meat the dryness is removed to a point.



E: Also Canned foods last for multiple seasons not days at room temperature, thats why people are canning them.

That leads to feature suggestion: Start at X day post apocalysm, which ages everything in the world by X days. While you would find the same amount of stuff, some or most of them might have rotten away due to the time.