Salvaged Robots question

There is a new mod that comes with the last experimental

One recipe need lots of some special skull.

Where I find so many skulls?

Just find one in the temple and its gone because its a quest item.

can’t tell you off the top of my head but I can tell you how to find out yourself:

go to cdda/data/mods/{salveged_robots’ directory} and look for something named itemgroups.json or similar. These are the “spawn tables” just search for skull (or better yet its id if you know it) and 9+ times outta 10 the group’s name will immediately tell you where to find it/ what to kill. Otherwise you have to start searching the monster or locations files to see what uses that group.

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Saw this browsing threw the item list:
Necrotic head -> “the severed head of a zombie necromancer…” + “Disassembling this … and might yield: 1 etched human skull.”

Go kill and butcher zombie necromancers!

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You can find them at museums too, but butchering necrozombies sounds a lot easier.

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Is the mod still supported/maintained? I wanted to make slapdash paladin but it requires simple flamethrower. Which is obsolete. So unless I edit SDP recipe myself it is uncraftable.

It is not sadly, but I am hoping someone can pick it back up. Think I found another bug though, that being the milspec searchlight schematic doesn’t give any recipes at all to craft the inactive milspec searchlight, which is odd.

schematics are part of vanilla, the fact that this one does not give any recipe is a bug. Could you make a report of this on the github please?