Sails (in git 00efc6d7fe)

Has anyone used them? I have a three tile boaty with 2 carbon fiber and one wooden hull, total weight is 130kg with me on it. I installed sails and managed to “sail” 20 tiles at roughly 14km/h. However, now the boat abruptly stopped with “The boaty is too heavy for its engines” 10 tiles from shore.

Is there a hidden wind power mechanic in the background? I tried waiting 5 minutes to no avail, then waited 30 more minutes and got

 DEBUG    : Activity ACT_VEHICLE: vehicle not found

 FUNCTION : static void veh_interact::complete_vehicle(player&)
 FILE     : src/veh_interact.cpp
 LINE     : 2978

… not sure if due to boaty or the split-in-half hatchback in garage or the two cars being repaired by NPCs. Anyway, after 30 minutes I can move again, this time at 13km/h max.

Also, [G]rabbing the boaty seems like a bad idea:

Sails depend on the wind, and yes, wind is variable. Your improvised square sail can’t sail into the direction that the wind is blowing, so it’s very possible for a sudden shift in wind to prevent you from moving your boat.

Not sure about the other bug.

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Wind is variable and (depending on settings) can be seen in the sidebar.

This is a super common error that seems to happen pretty much every time you first (g)rab and try to move a vehicle that has been generated in the map or spawned in. If you swap directions 180 degrees and try again it usually (always?) fixes itself.

I’m not sure if anyone has reported it to the github because it’s such an easy work around.

Oh well, slapped a small motor onto it …