@'s soundpack issue in Frank-2

Hello people of CDDA discourse! I’m new here, and I first played C:DDA after seeing gameplay on ambiguousamphibian’s channel. I previously played on Ellison-1, using the Undead People tileset and @'s soundpack, I also remember having issues of no audio being played back then and it eventually resolved itself. However, I don’t remember how I previously fixed that! Any advice & help is appreciated. P.S, any tips for a relatively new survivor in the Cataclysm? Cheers.

I’ve been having problems with all the soundpacks when updating using the launcher, there always seem to be errors on startup like “bad JSON: hit_vehicle in damalsksoundpack” and no sound in-game.

What works for me is loading the game, immediately saving and quitting completely, then launching it again. For some reason that makes the JSON start being interpreted correctly. Maybe something to do with updated objects having different internal IDs that don’t get correctly linked until you load and save a saved world/character?