Roof / 2nd Floor in German

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so, I was looking around the untranslated 0.E strings and it got me wondering.

Imagine encountering the following in the original file:

Stuff Shop, 2nd floor

So, would you germanize it by:

Zeuggeschäft, 2er / zweiter Stock


2er / zweiter Stock der / des Zeuggeschäfts


Zeuggeschäft (2er / zweiter Stock)

The same with roofs.

Which would you say is the correct way of translating this?



Also, and I am not entirely sure about this:

When you say “second floor” in the language I know the best, you really mean the 3rd floor in English (as in: you are on the ground floor, you ascend one floor above to find yourself on the 1st floor, you ascend again to find yourself on the 2nd floor).

Which standard do you think should be used?

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Hm, that’s a hard decision… I would either go for the first or the second suggestion.

For simplicity (and based on the original), I think probably one of Zeugladen, 2. Stock or …2. Etage or …2. Geschoss.

That’s just the curse of different ways to count. I guess the numbering of the floors just has to shift (2nd floor = 1. Stock) to accommodate for this.


thanks for the help! So, I would now take the liberty to go ahead and translate the rest of them as “Wasauchimmer, 2. Stock” or “Wasauchimmer, Dach”.

I was just wondering, as I am not really exactly truly a native German, how would a natural born German say this? When I leave the Erdgeschoss, do I find myself on the 1. Etage or the 2. Etage commonly? As I find it hard to believe there is an “European convention” on this, as per the Wiki.

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Well, technically I’m also not a native German and, since there’s regional differences as well, I am only able to speak for the German part of Switzerland (and maybe the southern region of Germany).

That said, if we go up the stairs here from “Erdgeschoss”, we end up in “1. Stock”.
Some elevators actually list the EG as 0, one up as 1 and one down as -1.
As an example, here’s a photo I’ve found on the homepage of the university of Zürich:

It’s the same here then (Czech Republic). I seem to distinctly remember seeing the “basement to ground floor to 2nd floor” somewhere as well though…

No matter, 1st floor it shall be.

Thanks a lot for the help!


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