Robust Genetics and Genetic Chaos

Alright lads?

New member here, just started playing Cataclysm last week after hearing about it from someone on the Bay12 Forums and have absolutely loved it! The deeper details of the game are still beyond me but I love the constant scramble for better equipment and how hostile almost everything is towards the player.

Started a new character with the “Experiment” scenario and “Unwilling Experiment” profession and fucking love the different mutation traits you can get. Genetic Chaos sounds extremely interesting because of how often your character will change and mutate, but I was just wondering if the Robust Genetics trait had any impact on it or if it’s truly just a shit show waiting to happen!

Thanks in advance you beauties

They’re compatible, and in fact I recommend both. Robust genetics makes your frequent random mutations beneficial more often.

It’s not very balanced, but I pick it on pretty much all the characters.
It’s just more fun than the regular stable normies, even when it flip-flops between herbivore and carnivore (I hate carnivore).