Mutations in the latest version

using the January 20th build. I did not do alot with mutations before. I picked up the ‘robust genetics’ trait. I am in a Science Lab, smashing cloning vats, and eating body parts.

I don’t know if it matters what part you eat or if its all random.

I am doing some save scumming to test this out.

  1. I found a bottle of mutagen on a dead scientist. With save scumming, I got 4 bad mutations, then 1 good one.
  2. I have save scummed a few times. I can eat 3 parts now, before scumming. I have gotten nothing from the body part about half the time. Then about 6 negative mutations. No good ones.

I did a search of the old forums and saw a post where it was expected that without Robust Genetics that about 1/3 of mutations are good. I would expect that to be better with the Robust Genetics trait. Am I just unlucky or did something change?

I continued testing with save scumming to test this out. I seem to get alot more ‘bad’ mutations than 1/9. Im in a lab with alot of cloning labs. Most of the mutations seem to be ‘reds’

I am reading the wiki on mutations and I am confused. Has this changed or is it the same? I don’t understand it. Is it saying that the mutation category with the highest point total will get all the mutations until you hit some limit? That does not seem to be happening in my tests.

Yeah, sometimes. Mutations can be obtained by consuming some questionable products (mutagens, misshapen fetuses, arms, legs, sewage samples), romping through radioactive areas, and other unhealthy methods. There is 2/3 chance to have any mutation and 1/3 chance to have only a “bad” mutation, though not all “bad” mutations are really bad ones and not all “good” mutations are equally desirable. Also, check Robust Genetics trait, which changes chances drastically.

If you end up with unwanted mutations a purifier can help purge them. It will revert up to four mutations (this chance is higher if you have a lot of mutations). Note, that purifier will not remove a trait that you took upon character creation or decrease strength of mutation category!

Even if there is no forced “bad” mutation, chances are not equal for all traits. Mutations are split up into a dozen categories and even more trees. Trees have various requirements for the different branches and most branches being opposed to one another. The more branches are opened up, the less likely a new branch or a categorized mutation will be gained, with the game prioritizing current upgrades to everything else. Direct upgrades have the most priority, then mutations from a category pool, and only then game picks random mutations from the full list of all mutations.

Trait will be gained if any of its evolutions are picked and lost when opposed or rival trait are chosen.