Risk of falling asleep while waiting

Perhaps tired characters, who engage in waiting, could sometimes fall asleep. This feature could pair and function with the sleep-related traits, so that Insomniacs are less likely to doze off than the Sleepy Heads.

The more tired you are, the longer the wait, the quieter the surroundings, the more likely you’d be to doze off.

…Risk of dozing off while driving?

I think this is already a thing. I swear I’ve had my thoroughly exhausted survivor fall asleep while crafting and while at the wheel (which was a terrifying experience).

If you are exhausted you can fall asleep. Not if you are waiting. Just because you are waiting sounds more annoying then adding to the game. IMHO.

Depends on where you’re waiting if it’s a couch or bed. Seems good to me.

Also: while reading.
And while cracking a safe.

What it all would add is a reason to consume caffeine pills and such stimulants, just to make sure there wouldn’t be a slightest chance to fall asleep inadvertently.

I know a tiredness mechanism already exists - this would just be an addition on top of it. It’s not so much about exhaustion but poor self-control, and propensity of giving in to the urge to sleep under optimal and pleasant sleeping conditions.

Also, I forgot to factor in optimal warmth.

I would want this to happen only rarely, and with fair early warning. Obviously control freaks enthusiasts wouldn’t enjoy this very much but those of us who welcome a bit of chaos and randomness… I see nothing but glorious possibilities of mayhem in this. The stories that players would tell…

I’ll try to list the factors for ease of falling asleep:

  • Fullness (easier to sleep with full stomach)
  • Thirst (just don’t be thirsty - minor factor)
  • Warmth (not too cold, not too warm)
  • Exhaustion (only while Very Tired, or with higher exhaustion, possibly Tired if all other conditions are optimal)
  • Sound (can’t sleep if noisy)
  • Pain (can’t sleep if in too much pain)
  • Encumbrance? (prevent sleep if overburdened, or wake up if it turns into pain)

This pretty much.

Waiting is something that replaces mashing ‘.’ over and over. It shouldn’t be any worse than mashing ‘.’ over and over.
Which in turn shouldn’t be worse than just making rounds around a house to waste time.

For as long as waiting offers no bonuses over just standing still and breathing manually, it shouldn’t have any extra penalties either.


my caffeine pills are for stat buffing, not staying awake.