Riot bots WTF go AWAY!

So I had a good run going, on day 2 so far. Just got back from looting and here is this riot bot keeps on spraying me with shit so I can’t fight. So I put my weapon up and get arrested, then I run for my basement and wait it out on the elctro cuffs. that thing hunted me forever and I cant hit it and it attracts more zombies. No guns available atm. so I got killed by zombies because I couldn’t fight and it would not get lost! WTF?! How do you handle these early game ruiners?

Until you get a gun you want to avoid doing anything that will summon Eyebots, which will take a picture of you and then summon Riot Control Bots and Cop Bots. Breaking into certain buildings, 's’mashing vending machines, and a few other things.

Well I think a shot from me through a fence at a child zombie may have broken the vending machine. Just bad luck then I guess.

It was probably the zombies who broke the machine.
Alarm will trigger regardless of who broke stuff. Avoid buildings with alarms around zombies.

Or just acquire a gas/PBA mask, a non-metallic weapon and bash the riot bots down. They can’t do anything to you if you have good environmental protection on eyes and mouth and are using a weapon that doesn’t contain any metal (unless that weapon is an unarmed weapon or your fist).

Good advice, I haven’t played in months and it’s the first time I had to deal with them. But if they get you with no gasmask or anything then tis game over pretty much.

You can also run away through houses, close doors behind you, jump through windows, anything to get a few steps ahead of the robot’s gas so you can escape or fight back.