Rifle Scope not working

The rifle scope i just bought from a trader, says in the description as well as in the wiki, that it can be attached to crossbows.

Well I have a regular crossbow with me and when i want to active the scope it tells me that the rifle scope cant be attached to the crossbow ( no space).

So either the trader was ripping me off or it is a bug.

Please help, i paid good money for this.

The basic crossbow does not have a slot for a sight.

However, the makeshift crossbow, heavy crossbow, composite crossbow, and compound crossbow are other full sized crossbows that can accommodate a sight.

That’s probably why you can’t install it. Try making your own crossbow. It requires marksmanship 4 to install, though, so you might still not be able to put the sight on one of the alternate crossbows.


Oh okay good to know thanks!

Any idea where i can get those “comp” crossbow ones?



Both are apparently craftable, both apparently require books.