[Resolved] Headlights and Wing mirrors

Remembered that I posted this without the version number and noticed that I posted it in the wrong forum so I moved it and the version is 0.C 3292

I’ve noticed a bug with the new lighting and wing mirrors, you won’t see any light through wing mirrors unless the wing mirrors are lit with a light source before the other light source turns on.

To clear up the issue a bit, the example and how I learned of it.
My car only have vision through wing mirrors to the outside most of the time.
It’s the middle of the night and I turn on my headlights, I do not see this through the wing mirrors because I currently can’t see them.
Thinking about I turn on the aisle lights in the car but this won’t help, I do now see the wing mirrors but I still do not see the headlights, so I turn off the head lights first and notice that I see more around the wing mirrors than before, so I turn on the head lights again and now I see them, to test I turn of the Aisle lights and now I do not see the wing mirrors but I see everything that the headlights light up still.

Second test, opening the curtains and closing them doesn’t either allow me to see the headlights, while seeing through the wing mirrors opening the curtains makes me see less and closing them again will prevent me from seeing the headlights.

Just bringing it out, not a big problem but it’s better to know of early rather than later.


I think I know what’s happening here, thanks for the detailed bug report.