Headlight wonkiness

If I walk up one space from where I am in the image, I go back to normal vision, and all that stuff goes into darkness. Car is down at the bottom, if it isn’t clear.

Also, headlights only come off the immediate front of the car, even if I have headlights installed on the sides or back of the car.

What happens is at a certain point we have to unload the part of the map the car is on, which means its headlights don’t cast light any more. It’s possible that if we keep making the game faster (which we have been doing over time), we’ll be able to enlarge the map area, but I’m not optomistic that we’ll ever make it large enough to fix this particular bug. The reason it’s so visible with car headlights is that they are the most powerful lights in the game.

Headlights are currently defined to always point forward, it’s possible to define them to point off at an arbitrary angle, and that’s a feature we’ll take a look at.