RESOLVED: Game Crashing since build 7002

Using 32 bit Windows tiles through the launcher (which I’m running through Wine on a Linux machine) every build past 7002 crashes when it reaches the step “Finalizing Tileset”. It also crashes when I try to switch to a new tileset in the Settings menu in an attempt to see if it was the non-standard tileset I was using that was causing the issue - MShockXotto+ (opaque tree).

Reverting to build 7001 and changing to Chesthole32 which I know ships standard with the game and then reinstalling build 7004 still results in a crash. Build 7001 continues to run fine.

The mods I’m using are:

  1. “AAA”,
  2. “Experimental-Z-Level”,
  3. “More_Survival_Tools”,
  4. “No_Hulks_Or_Brutes”,
  5. “StatsThroughSkills”,
  6. “Survivor Screwdriver”,
  7. “blazemod”,
  8. “Tanks”,
  9. “boats”,
  10. “deoxymod”,
  11. “greicars”,
  12. “makeshift”,
  13. “more_buildings”,
  14. “more_locations”,
  15. “national_guard_camp”,
  16. “no_npc_food”,
  17. “no_reviving_zombies”,
  18. “novitamins”,
  19. “randomkettlemods”,
  20. “trailerpark”

Portion from the debug log that seems relevant:

17:21:59.341 WARNING : opendir [./mods/] failed with “No such file or directory”.
17:21:59.342 INFO : mod_ui initialized
17:22:23.748 INFO : Loaded tileset: ChestHole32
17:22:28.137 : Log shutdown.

The rest of the log is just “Couldn’t parse color” and various colors. Which has been how logs open for as long as I remember playing.

Something in

Thanks. I’d forgotten about having an account at the github. As I said there, the problem still persists in the newest build 7005.

The mods in the main repository have been updated, but you are running a lot of mods that are not present in the main repository, they probably don’t have updated color ids.

Unless they’re causing the crash simply by existing in the mod folder even when they’re not being loaded that doesn’t seem to be the cause of the crash. I just updated, created a new world with no mods except the core content pack Dark Days Ahead and it still crashes at Finalizing Tileset.

Edit: Apparently they somehow are. A fresh install without them works fine. Now to work out which ones are the cause.

Edit 2: Resolved somehow. Not sure how. After a full reinstall and testing each mod one at a time I’m no longer having any crashes and all of the mods are installed. I did not however reinstall any third party tile sets but I don’t understand how those would cause crashes when the game was set to use a tile set that ships with the launcher and the third party set was just sitting in its folder where it belonged and the game shouldn’t be trying to load it.

I had crash without any mods at all - just with dda.

Edit: Btw, build 7002 didn’t had color names changed yet - colors were only changed in 7003.

I’m thinking something went buggy in the files since a complete fresh reinstall fixed my crashes. Either that or it started throwing a fit about tile sets that had become incompatible somehow even when those sets weren’t in use.

Edit: I even just reinstalled the MshockXotto+ tile sets that were the only other thing I could think of that could be causing the crash. No issue. Something has to have gone buggy with the original install I’m just not clear what or how.

it was probably a pointer failed to get updated in all the updating. as in, it swapped out a million lines but one specific line wasn’t told to leave so it turned into bad code.