Crash from new game

Hey here, having a crash before even loading up. Got the crash log here. Any ideas?

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Redownload game archive.
Clear config folder.

Deleted the config folder first, dunno what the deal was there. Must have been from the last few experimentals. Thanks

Ok, replicated by changing to Dead People tile set or Undead people tileset. Chesthole and others work fine
Any idea what is happening here?

I was just about to do a post about this too.

I’m getting the same assertion failed crash. It’s only doing it with the Undead People tileset.
Crashes when it gets to the tileset section during world gen and if you change to the undead set whilst playing.

Games works fine when using the Ultimate Cataclysm set and the other one I tried (something16)

Well I’ll be sure to hold off on updating, thanks for the heads up

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It was not possible to create texture from surface.

Try finding unaffected version from affected tileset and use it.

Still doing this with newest tile update, any ideas what is going on?

Check your RAM, turned out I had a bad chip and 2GB wasnt enough to handle the tileset.

Try changing a tileset.