This is more of a request then a suggestion. Maybe there is a way to do this already? The computer I play on has a high resolution. I have to lean in to see the game. Is there any settings to increase the font/window size?

On windows, open up the Data folder, and edit the Fontdata file.
The first number is height, and the second is width. It doesn’t look very pretty, but it works alright for now.

Where are my manners!? Many thanks!

you can also use magnifier tool if you have Windows. it doesn’t look that good either, though…

Is there a way to manually add some new fonts?

I use DejaVuSansMono 18x32 and looks great in 1680x1050

[quote=“Miloch, post:5, topic:167”]Is there a way to manually add some new fonts?[/quote]You can use any font you have installed on your system. Running late, so just google 'installing fonts on ’

Where do you get those specific font sizes?

After several tests these are the measures that were more comfortable for me my sight and my monitor

Yes, but where can I download that font in that exact size?

Eh, you don’t. You have to download that font and change the font size in the FONTDATA file.

Even if you dont want to play my mod, feel free to download it anyway, I include a Better font packed with setup instructions.

Ah. Thank you.


I found that site. Maybe I’m dense but the download didn’t seem to contain different size variants.

This is the correct link:


Edit: In the .zip search ttf folder

Almost all the fonts offered in DejaVu are pre-installed on Win7, just for the record. (apparently not :P)
It’s more a matter of pointing Cata at the right one you want.

E: Personally though, I like Terminus for my ASCII. Something slightly blocky and bold.
Now if only it scaled worth a damn.

In my WIN7 were not included… and included them manually

humm… maybe they came with OpenOffice… I didn’t think it installed fonts for me, but that install was… almost 2 years ago now, so I could be wrong.

Ooor… maybe I picked up DejaVu somewhere else… shrug

You know, I’m a desktop support technician by profession. This font thing is bafflign me. The fonts I’m seeing in that pack look like standard fonts. If I put that font into the fonts folder and turn the numbers up, will the font actually scale like terminal isn’t or is there a file actually titled with a higher size?