How to change font size?

Hello I’m running cataclysm-tiles that I compiled on Ubuntu 16.04. I’d like to play on my TV /from the couch but the text is tiny. I’ve searched this forum for help but couldn’t find anything. I’ve also tried messing around with the config/fonts.json file but had no luck. Any tips?

Haven’t tried this but I found a file called fontdata.json in ‘data’ folder. The file contents seemed promising.
Also fontlist.txt in ‘config’ folder.

Beyond those two, all I can think of is running the game in fullscreen mode and setting the game resolution (window size) much smaller. It’ll look blurry though…

Edit: Never mind. You were right to try to modify the fonts.json.

For some reason (and my knowledge of fonts is spotty at best) the Terminus font can’t be increased in size. I had success with other fonts though. Refer to the fontlist.txt file for other valid font names. You do have to modify the font width and height values as well. Modifying the size alone isn’t enough. And before you do that, set the game’s window size to smaller so it doesn’t get oversized because changing the font width and height recalculates the window resolution. Amazing how something this seemingly simple can get so tricky…


I got it working! Thanks for your help! The trick for me was running the game in bordered windowless mode with linear scaling after editing fonts.json with a font contained in fontlist.txt.

For anyone who is interested in my fonts.json file:

    "fontblending" : true,
    "fontwidth" : 20,
    "fontheight" : 32,
    "fontsize" : 32,
    "typeface" : "Ubuntu Mono",
    "map_fontwidth" : 20,
    "map_fontheight" : 32,
    "map_fontsize" : 32,
    "map_typeface" : "Ubuntu Mono",
    "overmap_fontwidth" : 20,
    "overmap_fontheight" : 32,
    "overmap_fontsize" : 32,
    "overmap_typeface" : "Ubuntu Mono"