Research Facility is the new Necropolis

I never saw a RF before so i was excited, but soon i faced with an exaggerated number of zombies. I already killed 48 security guards and 15 scientists but i saw nothing from the place because i’m still in the parking lot. It is like the Necropolis was with its high number of wanderers: the player get bored from the mindless killing and leave the place.

Btw, are the scientist zombies do something special? They seems very boring compared to the old ones.

they open doors… that is it, the other abilities they used to have were given to new robot mobs


Btw, are the scientist zombies do something special?

I keep re-adding them to the Mundane Zombies list on every update because, as far as I’m aware, they’re by far the best source of science ID cards.

What do you mean? Which doors do they open, and how?

any unlocked door, same way the player does

Did you find it after a long time?, once i found one early, and at most on ground level found like 30 top, plus just like 3-5 by floor

What version are you playing on? The place is dramatically different lately.

maybe that is, i havent found one in like the latests 20 versions xD

Version: 0.D-4623-g09d2e75 (tiles) which is 2 days old.

I started the game few days ago so not really old. Now i’m next to the buildings and already killed 60 security guards and 23 scientists and see another dozen not far away. I think half of them would be enough but it is just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Tbf, the research facility has a ton of useful stuff inside and a guaranteed lab underneath. From what I understand it has had the spawns turned up since I’ve last updated but it’s probably still more then worth it all things considered.

Unless the Necropolis has had it’s loot buffed since last time I cleared it, there really isn’t a comparison.

My problem exactly is hacking through large number of enemies which can barely wound my matchete wielding, windbreaker wearing, pacifist hacker is boring. The place is impregnable because i die by boredom.

This was the problem with the old necropolis too, where astonish number (thousands) of useless enemies bored the player to death. While the number of enemies here much lower, it still boring because they are still too many and they pose no threat, except when i suicidality running into a bunch of them.

Good stuffs to loot does not make the place good. It just make it a chore, because it is foolish to not rob the place. I think it would be better if there would much less zombie and more nether monster or even robots. Something which makes the place less chore but more dangerous.

Throwing robots at every area that is supposed to be difficult is one of the main weaknesses of the game imo. I actually liked the necropolis, new enemies, plenty to explore, massive hordes to fight through. Even the chicken walkers were a surprise for me since I’d never actual fought one at that point, though they wouldn’t really be a challenge now. I just thought the stuff you could find there was pretty mundane.

Maybe you could use molotovs or grenades to clear them out faster? It’s too bad such a large group isn’t more challenging.

Is this the research facility you encountered?, if it is it should have a bit more variety from what I understand.

did you make that save from before that got merged? if so I guess you would need to generate a new world to see the new one.

There should be much more than security guards and scientists there. I didn’t do all that much to their spawning on the revamp, I mostly bumped the spawn rates of other zombies and added a bunch of portals to other dimensions. You should be seeing hunting horrors and mi-go and the like.

Have you actually gone into the place or are you fighting in the parking lot?

(Edit: a small issue has occured to me, I bumped security guards and scientists as a proportion compared to regular zombies… but I don’t think they have evolution pathways programmed in yet. Adding those would help)

2 locations that never hold as much value that I’ve encountered better than what can be found outside of said locales.

I have traversed sewers for real hours ad nauseum and found nothing 100% of every encounter. The only time I encountered any usefufl science area was 2 days ago, found a nano craft facility. No designs for ultra light un-encumbering armor or garments. knife I didn’t need. A EMP gun I had no use for. But I liked the building immensely. :slight_smile:

Good idea, sadly i have neither of them to try it. Also i don’t know how safe they are nowadays. Last time i played a game (few months ago) the grenades did more harm on me than on my enemies, which was very annoying. At least i died easily in survivor suit while the lab turrets or zombie grenadiers was just fine or even unhurt. Molotovs… i don’t want accidently burn down the buildings. :smiley:

I presume, but i use different tiles so it is very foreign to me. But it is called Research Facility so i’m sure it is. There are collapsed rooms and and two portals too. Also there was some neither monsters, but they are quicly got killed by the zombies.

I started the game few days ago so i’m sure i found the latest RF version.

There was some hunting horrors but they was killed very quickly by the zombies. I found 2 portals. I looked into few rooms, i saw few blobs and a bunch of zombies as they try to attack a hunting horror behind a reinforced glass.

Yeah I’ve found it’s pretty hard to use grenades and other explosives without hurting yourself. It seems like you should be able to throw them further but I don’t know much about the numbers on that. You can always throw them through doors or around corners then take cover before they go off. You can apparently even ‘blind throw’ using the peek action, but I’ve never actually tried that.

And yeah burning down the whole area is a valid concern. Some buildings won’t burn depending on wall material but it can be difficult to predict. Even concrete buildings can be damaged by enough fire and it’s tough to account for furniture, corpses, etc

So, you know how the recent build has the option to turn on the auto notes option together with another kind of note (the one that marks spots of interest with a yellow “x” and description text), well i just managed to find a research facility with like 5 portals on ground level, so yeah just discovered that it is indeed the new necropolis, with a little bit of nether (damn flaming eyes) to spice it up…