Trying to figure out what’s going on with these things. They used to be a set piece for a spawn of a handful of demonic monsters. Do they just constantly spit out monsters now? Is there any way to deal with them? So far I’ve had two incredibly obnoxious flaming eyes and a yugg come through mine, wreaking bloody havoc in my game collapsing a ceiling on my shopping cart, giving me teleglow and the subsequent inevitable fungal infection, mutating me into a bat bird, etc etc. Anything I can do? Just stay the hell away?

I also read about some people building walls and traps around them but I haven’t nor plan to try. Don’t know if it would eliminate spawn anyway.

I would go down the safe route and just move my homebase.

I’ve lived about five map tiles from a portal for several (30-day) seasons now in one game. Nothing spawned there that I could see, but I did clean up the rubble and seal it in eight tiles of wooden wall, so it’s possible a kreck spawned there and kept a flaming eye from spawning or something.

My error - it wasn’t a shimmering portal. It was a ‘tear in reality’. Portals still appear to be scenery. These things seem to pump out annoying monsters endlessly.

OK, this is good to know. Portals = safe enough to build near, at least in my experience (again, I could have gotten lucky and there’s just a kreck stuck inside my wall), tear in reality = move

flaming eyes, tank drones and chicken walkers are the only three things I avoid to engage in this game. Flaming eyes mo are the WORST.

I wouldn’t say they’re the most dangerous, but they are the most aggravating. Especially now that they seem to be programmed to kite you if you try to attack them in melee.

What’s so bad about flaming eyes? Everyone says they are so terrible but so far all I’ve ever seen them do is knock down walls. Oooooh so scary.

They can inflict horrific status effects just by looking at you hard enough.

They can also reduce your vehicle to a pile of scrap metal in seconds.

They can inflict horrific status effects just by looking at you hard enough.[/quote]

Oops, that was a loadbearing wall. SMASH!!! goes the ceiling, and take about half your HP in damage + pinned in the rubble.

Yeah; they begin gazing at you (as far as I can tell) as soon as they enter the reality bubble, and their gaze attack levels everything instantly no matter how well fortified it may be, so the only thing you can do to stop them from messing up your stuff is avoid having it between the eye and your character. Ceiling collapsing is annoying and instantly destroys your cargo carrier if you have one, vehicle destruction is hair-pullingly awful, teleglow usually ends up giving you a fungal parasite, and killing them appears to have gotten much more irritating at some point in development.

Monsters that just threaten the player’s health are dangerous, but monsters with the power to instantly destroy everything they’ve spent hours creating threaten their sanity.

back in 0.A I hung around a tear that I created for a while (built a heavy duty vehicle around it, tried to build walls around that), didn’t really stop spawns, but eventually after gunning down everything that moved it seemed like the spawn table stopped. Now that netherworld animals can drop fat it is probably worth it to do that sort of thing.