Requests for mutant changes~~~ (˘︶人︶ ˘)

Razorclaw-the best anime girls of cataclysm.
10 of these beauties can clean the damn city, not from 10 houses, but medium-sized ones, if they learn to tear corpses to a state in which it is impossible to recover, and learn to multiply, and not kill everything in the aisles of 3 tiles from the ship, and over time die, they could become enemies much more dangerous than zombies.
in the cataclysm, there are no such dangerous and collective creatures as Razorclaws.
in the future, these beauties can capture all the swamps and rivers, prisons on the islands, and so on. who will stop them? absolutely no one. I think it would be a good idea add a submerged cargo liner, or a huge warship captured by a whole swarm of these cuties, or in great constructions made of mud and sand, in cases of ship failure, because their position in the world is too strange. VERY rare submerged ships captured by them, there are not even empty ones, all are captured. everything inside is covered with eggs, which indicates a high ability to reproduce, which is not present. this is unfortunate, but I understand the reason: to give free rein to reproduction in this crazy world is to destroy it. in a few years, the entire map can be captured by cockroaches or huge crabs, and zombies and mikus will become a decoration.

I made this topic for a simple discussion - since I’m interested in what others think about this

I think Razorclaws are Mirelurks, at least they behave similar as them from Fallout days.

If you want to mute into crabmeat - there is a mod for it ( Crabcakes )
Personally, I’m very thankful I don’t run into those brute-sized-tanks more often, and when I do - they do the dirty business for me around the city… with right guidance and incentive. Obviously, that part of the city is no longer open for visitors after that.

I’d rank Razorclaw shipwrecks same as Fallen Office Towers as far as danger goes.

As for them inheriting the planet - acid slugs would do that… or, as you said, the roaches.

Why is there a butt with pockets in title?

if you add the ability to reproduce to mobs, then Razorclaws will win this battle. I agree that they are similar to mirelurks, but the comparison ends there and begins. mirelurks are really easy to meet on swamps and shores, there are really a lot of them, their queens are able to produce offspring even in battle, which can not be said about Razorclaws, they are strong in themselves, while their “korrleva” - like a tiger-is an alpha individual, stronger than others, but also a warlike individual capable of reproduction. based on the weight-an ordinary crab weighs 80 kilograms, the queen is 120, I do not feel royal grandeur in this, which can make me afraid. slightly stronger armor, damage and size, but there are no special characteristics, which is very unfortunate. the ass in the title is my pathetic attempt to make a satisfied spider face

as for mutations,it’s interesting to be a crab, but it doesn’t fit with my main character preferences, I like speed and evasion more

Lmao. I don’t know which one is more funny
Kudos to you for trying.

this may be due to the fact that my English is terrible, but I almost didn’t understand anything from your comment =p

LMAO means “laughing my ass off”. It is a slang for when you find something very funny.

The “I don’t know which one is more funny” part: i was saying that i don’t know if you failure of making a spider face is more funny than it ending up looking like a ass with pockets, got it?

And “Kudos for trying” is a compliment for you trying making something different, unique, original, etc.

Hope you got it all now. =)

(P.S. I don’t are very good at expressing myself in English, so any questions feel free to ask.)

thank you so much for explaining it, now everything is clear

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