[Experimental] All cooked food turns rotten

Version is: 0.9-1389-gde81018

Everything I try to cook turns rotten instantly, I can’t eat anything. Should be mentioned that I transported this save from an older version of cata.

For me too, except it only happens for meat. If I cook sandwiches, burritos or anything else, it’s okay.

I have the exact same bug, most of the stuff i can cook (the only exception i found was salted popcorn) turn up (fresh)(hot)(rotten) and tell you it’s rotten when you try to eat it.
It includes cooked noodle made out of freshly made not rotten spaghetti and cooked meat made out of freshly butchered meat.

BUT i have found out that if i drop the rotten cooked item on the floor, go do something else and let them cool down, they lose the (rotten) when they stop being (hot).

Edit: i checked and ONLY the cooked recipes that are (hot) are also (rotten). If i cook some meat into cooked meat it will be (fresh)(hot)(rotten), but if i use it to make meat tacos or meat jerky, or any other recipe that doesn’t create (hot) items, they aren’t rotten. There is something buggy with the (hot) and (rotten) tag.

Confirming that I’m experiencing this problem too.


I’m getting duplicate (rotten) tags now. Things in containers are “(rotten)(rotten)”

… and … “Tin of Meat Soup” seems to rot very fast. I assumed things in tins didn’t rot at all, or for quite a long time.

It probably doesn’t have preservatives and is sodium free.
Heart healthy ladies and gentleman.

i’m having the rotten bug too.