Repair but Not reinforce

When repairing clothing with a tailor’s kit you have 4 options. Repeat Once, Repeat as long as you can, Repeat until fully repaired but don’t reinforce, and repeat until success/failure/levelup.

I used the third option, repeat until fully repaired but don’t reinforce.

It prompted me if I wanted to use the cloth nearby or on my person and I choose on my person.

It continues prompting me until I’ve completely repaired the object. Only instead of being fully repaired, it’s reinforced.

Normally, the message log displays the previous quality in the message. IE: Going from |\ to || would display |\ in the message. This is what is displayed, even though it went from || to ++.

In other words, either it’s skipping a check and reinforcing straight from |\ to ++, or the option is broken and it’s not ‘Repair but not reinforce’, but ‘Repair and Reinforce’.

I don’t remember having this happen before (in fact I remember never reinforcing because it would prompt me with a success/fail chance before attempting to reinforce). I also couldn’t find anything (I’ll admit I only looked quickly, not thoroughly) in this forum or on the Git Issues page. Current Version 7483

I wonder if it’s possible to skip past several states with only one check.

Like, one check, but going from .. to |\, or in your case, in one repair check, jump from almost-fully-repaired straight into reinforced.

What’s your tailoring/mechanics skill like? Is there a chance it attempted multiple times (assuming a less than 100% success rate and hoping to get at least one success) but you had a 100% success rate so it did it multiple times?

Well, the thing is that it did prompt me for cloth twice, that’s why it displayed each |\ message twice. So it seems to have prompted me for materials without prompting me whether I wanted to reinforce or not.

I mean, I’m obviously fine with it reinforcing, presumably with the same fail chance as repairing. It just isn’t working as intended if the option explicitly says it won’t attempt reinforcing.

My tailoring is 6 and mechanics is also 6. It did prompt me multiple times (for materials only, not displaying success/fail), I just kept feeding it cloth assuming it was prompting me after a failure. I realized after that they were successes and it was prompting me for materials for the following stage.

If it displayed |\ twice, then there is a chance that what happened was that the first repair took it from |\ to almost ||, and the second fully repaired it and there was enough ‘leftover’ from the check to take it straight into ++.

Admittedly, it’s a tad strange that the behavior repeated itself consecutively multiple times, one would think it at least some of them would have comfortably jumped to || and stayed there. Maybe it’s a rounding issue?

I say this because if it was doing another check and consuming resources, you should have gotten a “You reinforce your ||” (or perhaps a “You repair your ||”, can’t recall the exact message), rather than |\

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I could not replicate this on my debug character, with a lower tailoring skill (2). Maybe you’re right. I still find it very peculiar and question if it’s all working as intended.

And I still don’t like that the option is ‘repair but not reinforce’ if it reinforces. Call me a nitpicker.

Item damage in general is buggy right now.