Army winter pants, cant reinforce

When i try to reinforce my army winter pants it always has an 0% success rate, why? I am using the tailor’s kit and got lvl 10 in tailoring skills, so its seems weird that you can try forever(well more like using up all your thread), but you actually can’t reinforce it, so am i overlooking something or is that just how its supposed to be?

(also probably in the wrong category, but whatever)

Could just be the brutal cutoff for doing anything with tailoring. I’ve had similar issues. I don’t like how often you tend to encounter a flat 0% success rate, with no way to influence it other than indefinite skill grind. But that just seems to be the state tailoring is in. I also don’t like how you can expend resources on a 0% success rate reinforce/refit and not even get exp for your trouble. It is wholly unintuitive.

It means your only option is to grind some other tailoring recipe to get where you need to be, which strikes me as very arbitrary and “gamey” (an issue that doesn’t usually afflict cdda). Breaks immersion for me.

Does seem weird that 10 isn’t enough, that’s almost certainly an oversight or bug. Could be that it’s damaged? But If you’re trying to reinforce I guess not.

Had same issue as you, checked code and json data - the reason for this bug is missing parameter “repairs_like” in army winter pants. For example in army winter jacket it looks like this:
“repairs_like”: “trenchcoat”
or army winter gloves like this - “repairs_like”: “gloves_light”
The math is following:
success_chance = ( 10 + 2 * skill - 2 * difficulty + tool_quality / 5.0f ) / 100.0f;
where difficulty for reinforcing for high level gear is basically double skill level required to craft the item
so with skill 10 and best tool which is tailor kit with tool_quality = 1 the best you can reinforce are level 7 items. Skill of 11 would allow you to reinforce level 8 items.
Most survivor’s gear are 8 level.
However for stuff that can’t be crafted(no recipe you know) the difficulty is 20(like level 10 items)!
And to reinforce a level 10 item you’ll need at least best tool and 15 skill(not sure if it’s attainable - need check if you can generate character with such a skill)
However for many stuff that can’t be crafted(like army winter jacket for example) there’s a loophole allowing to reinforce it - if it has a “repairs_like” parameter - then that item instead is used to calculate difficulty. “repairs_like”: “trenchcoat” for army winter jacket - and trenchcoat is level 3 item.
So without “repairs_like” army winter pants become a 10 level item which is impossible to reinforce on 10 skill level.

15 skill in something is attainable, but 10 is supposed to be ‘the maximum’, and every level after that point is increasingly harder to get EXP-wise.