Rename Hardcore trait

I think we should change the Hardcore trait’s name to something else, “hardcore” here refer to the fact that the human player is playing in hardcore mode (aka super-hard mode) and while in the game world the character with this trait will have a hard time too, it’s different because one is playing a hard game and other is struggling for survival with a severe disadvantage. I suggest a more “in universe” name, something that reflect the character - not the player.

My suggestions: Frail, Fragile, Feeble.

I like Frail.

‘losing is fun’

Maybe “Distrophic”?

I was thinking “Fragile”, but I think “Frail” is better now that I see it.

No need to be Sesquipedalian :wink:

More seriously, that’s getting a bit too clinical, to the point where I’d start to care about depicting it accurately.

It’s a big stretch, but what about renaming it to “Just A Kid”? It’s a lot easier to justify frailty if we assume the survivor is only the size of a child themselves, though I’m all too aware of the other benefits/drawbacks that should also entail (higher recoil with guns, no access to big two-handed weapons, difficulty reaching things on counters, more hiding places, it just goes on). But hey, it’s also a vague reference to a notoriously difficult game, so that’s a plus I suppose.

“Just a kid” would be an option for its own trait, but I think frail is work having its own entry.
Another nice thing is the player can decide for themselves what frail means exactly.

Yeah, “Frail” would probably be the best name to change it to.

Frail? That works, I suppose.

Personally, I’d have gone with wimp.

Wimp sounds good, actually. Though my main suggestion is still for Frail.

Wimp to me suggests a lack of strength as well as a lack of toughness, frail just implies the lack of toughness.
Also Wimp seems more of a pejorative term to me, where frail is simply descriptive.