Some trait ideas i came up with

I don’t know what to do right now, so I’m just gonna post traits i came up with.

Psychically Sensitive: you are more prone and affected by otherworldly/psychic phenomena. you get the attention of netherworld inhabitants more than a regular survivor would and you suffer more from getting teleglow.

Psychically Deaf: Otherworldly/Psychic phenomena barely affects you, but you can’t use artifacts.

Messy Eater: you have a chance of spilling the liquid you are currently drinking onto the floor.

Nudist: you get a mood debuff whenever you wear clothing, but get a mood buff whenever you are nude.

Fists of Steel: you really pack a punch, you do more damage when unarmed.


They sounds really cool, especially Psychically Sensitive.

i came up with some more.

Light Sleeper: noises are more likely to wake you up.

Parent: you had a child before the cataclysm struck, but they didn’t make it. You feel way worse when killing zombie children.

Tearful: you cry uncontrollably when your mood gets too low, severely reducing your perception

Arachnophobia: spiders just HAD to get bigger, you do less damage to arachnids.

I’ve had a few ideas as well:

Pig pen: You do not suffer a morale penalty for wearing filthy clothes but now suffer one for wearing clean ones.

Anorexic: You suffer a morale penalty anytime you eat and have also have a permanent one that’s larger the higher your characters weight.