Removing shrapnels, arrowheads, bullets from character's body

My idea is to add the possibility (and need) of removing various shrapnels from our bodies. Such a wound may lead to a constants pain, serious swelling, blood loss, infection, and consequently, to our death. In order to remove a given shrapnel, character may use pliers, scalpel etc. Light source, painkillers, a flat surface and clean bandages / cotton balls should be required too. On the other hand, a careless way of removing shrapnels should lead to a fatal blood loss. So if the damage does not need healing, or if our own attempt at removing the shrapnel would cause more damage than what is there, the shrapnel should be left behind. Of course, such a wound should be quite rare


If we added this I would love it if slime mutants could just grab the shrapnel out of their amorphous body, or simply eject it.

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Would have to adjust a number of items already in game for this purpose. But multi-tools to pliers would be sufficient as long as the items could be also sterilized prior to using, as an option or risk a % infection.

Personal choice irl is to carry a alcohol flask with 70-90% isopropyl alcohol. Iā€™m an odd duck. Which reminds me. I need a half size flask >_>