Limbs should be removed if they pass a certain damage threshold

it seems kind of odd that using cutting weapons doesn’t outright amputate limbs instead of simply just breaking them. I know certain weapons can pulp enemies but that still just doesn’t feel the same. Plus stepping on a landmine seems like it would do more than just break your legs

The general about this is, that it would be really complicated to program, there are however plans to change the health and injury system (in the future possibly far future).

well one easy work around is to just make those limbs “permabroken” if the amount of damage to the limb is double is total hit points. For extra flavour you could drop an item that would work like flesh such as “amputated right leg” or “decapitated head” or “demolished head”, and just have it run on the same basic coding as human flesh

that is a lot more complicated than it seems, messing with the limb system is no easy feat from what I understand (and admittedly I understand very little) but again there are plans to change the injury systems, possibly even removing HP altogether, but that is for later.

having taken a peak into the source code specifically looking to track down limb properties, I can confirm it’s very complex, or more accurately it’s too simplistic to integrate well with other systems (it appears to be closely tied to the player’s code). I do see an underlying system that’s more generic and flexible, but I suspect it was a later addition that would require significant effort to fully leverage.

In short, limb code looks complex enough that after poking at it a bit I decided to find another project to learn some C in :wink:

edit I shoulda looked at the timestamp, didn’t mean to necro an old thread :open_mouth: