Removing radiation from effected areas?

I’ve just discovered that large patches around the walls of my home base are covered in invisible deadly radiation.

Is there some kind of chemical or device I can build / find that cleans up or reduces Ground Radiation?

Additionally if I leave it alone will the Ground Radiation slowly decrease over time?

I was farming in this stuff and it almost ended my journey. Just one more reason to keep a Geiger Counter handy.

I think you can live with radiation, just regularly remember to consume anti-radiation medicine.

It appears that the radiation killed several sections of my crops. (Or some other factor I’m not yet aware of did… perhaps the culprit was Acid Rain?)

The time taken to till the soil can drastically spike your personal level of radiation if you do it while standing inside an irradiated area.
(That has been my experience anyway.)

I guess I could farm while wearing a Hazmat suit or something.

So far I’m just fencing the effected areas off so I don’t walk into them by accident, they don’t move / spread do they?

There is no way to remove radiation.
It does not decrease over time.
Radiation should not interact with crops.
Latent radiation does not move, there’s a radioactive gas field, but you’d know if it was present, it’s a glowing cloud.

If your crops are being destroyed it is possible that it is due to interference from some sort of mob. Unless it’s indoors in which case IDFK.